Tehilim - black
Tehilim - black
Tehilim - black
Tehilim - black

Tehilim - black

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Psalms/Tehillim – black with texture

leather-wrapped, jeweled pendant.

Size: 2.36 inches (6 cm) x 2.16 inches (5.5 cm ) per piece
Price is for 1 piece. 

Quantity may vary according to the below table:
1 piece: 16$
10-20 pieces: 14$ per piece
20-50 pieces: 12$ per piece
50-100 pieces: 11$ per piece
100-150 pieces: 9$ per piece
150 pieces and above: 8$ per piece

Colors available:  Brown, Black, Red, Yellow, White, Gray
You can order a mix of colors too!

Material: Leather
My Judaica collection was born out of the necessity to create, and express it by the use of a natural raw material, leather. Designed in a clean and simple line while keeping a contemporary and aesthetic look in the face of eternal holiness.